RAW meats are just that–RAW. They are not over-processed or cooked which means active nutrients are fully utilized by a pet’s digestive system. Dogs and cats are natural carnivores; the essential nutrients they thrive on come from other animals. When carnivores consume another animal, they eat the meat, organs, some bone, and trace amounts of plant material from the animal’s digestive tract. These are the components of nature’s ideal meal. A RAW meat diet replicates this natural food chain to create the perfect complete and balanced meal for our pets. 


While adopting a fully raw diet is healthy and appropriate for all dogs, our freeze-dried dog food is versatile enough to be used as a full meal, as a supplement to regular dog food, or as a tasty and healthy treat that your dog will love. Skeptical? Just substitute a portion of regular dog food with our all natural, primal food and you’ll soon see a positive difference in your dog’s health and behavior.



Grain free and gluten free, our primal raw dog food contains no added fillers, rendered by-products or artificial preservatives. Grains and carbohydrates are hard for dogs to digest and are not necessary for a healthy diet. Freeze-dried to lock in all of the natural nutrients, the dehydrated dog food contains no synthetic vitamins or minerals.


For the best product, we use only whole meat, bones, and organs single-sourced from the USA.  We use only whole meat, bones, and organs made and packaged in the USA in a USDA certified facility for optimum quality control.


Our freeze dried raw dog food is carbohydrate-free and highly digestible, providing optimum nourishment throughout the whole digestive system and promoting lower food intake and smaller stools. Highly palatable and all natural, it is the best raw dog food diet for dogs.

Not only will you be providing the best quality, most natural, and healthiest nutrition for your four-legged best friend, you will also be helping us support worthy causes dedicated to improving the quality of life of both dogs and veterans. With quality ingredients you can see and trust, OnSeason K9 Nutrition will enable your dog to live a healthier and happier life.